The Book Every Nurse Should Read

Notes on Nursing was written by Florence Nightingale and published in 1859.

Written by Florence Nightingale, Notes on Nursing is not only necessary for all nurses to understand the purpose behind modern nursing practices, it is also inspiring and will encourage us to find ways to further improve our practice. It’s hard to believe that “the Lady with the Lamp”, who was not supposed to enter the nursing profession because of her elite status, would be so passionate about taking care of others that she would research, innovate, and develop ways to improve the outcomes of patients during the 1800’s. And so much so that her ways were so effective that we still use her ideas in nursing practice today.

We’ve all read her quotes and heard about her in nursing school but it is a unique feeling when flipping through the pages filled with her words. Her book will transport you into the 1800’s and you will feel as if she were sitting right beside you as your nursing instructor. What she talks about seems so simple yet so complex. Her ideas of fresh air, good bedding, and sanitary conditions is something that must have been so challenging in her time but yet, are ideas we still recognize today. We’ve all been through fundamentals of nursing, but the concepts are easily forgotten once we learn more “advanced” concepts like, ACLS, TCRN, CCRN, etc.

I’d argue however, that nursing fundamentals are a more advanced and critical component of nursing. This book is essentially the Fundamentals of Nursing and should be treated as such. As you’re reading, you’ll forget about the difficult times you may have had or challenges you’ve faced in nursing because you’ll get this feeling of inspiration and will recognize the impact we have as nurses. I challenge all nurses to read this book. Enjoy every word and appreciate every idea.

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