How To Prepare For The NCLEX

If you’ve graduated nursing school, CONGRATULATIONS! Now, it’s time to focus on passing the NCLEX. Below are my tips that helped me prepare for the ultimate, cumulative final exam.

Stay Focused

I know you just graduated and want to celebrate but try to wait until after the NCLEX. There will be plenty of time after the NCLEX to celebrate, trust me. I took the NCLEX in 2014 and I’m still celebrating. LOL! Try your best to stay focused after graduating. Keep your eye on the prize!

Don’t Wait

Set your NCLEX exam date as soon as possible. Once a date is set, you can start planning your study goals and setting a timeline for yourself. If you don’t set a date right away, it can be easy to put the NCLEX aside and then it won’t be a top priority. And the NCLEX should be your top priority.

Practice Questions

Do NCLEX practice questions! Like, A LOT OF THEM!! I recommend using the NCSBN’s online NCLEX Prep. The NCSBN is the creator of the NCLEX which means you get to practice questions from the exam writers. Start doing practice questions as soon as possible. If you haven’t graduated nursing school yet, don’t wait. Start now! Find trends when your practicing questions. If you keep missing questions related to pediatrics or OB, then open your books and notes to review those sections. After you review, then practice more questions to see how you do. You can’t practice enough questions.


Don’t cram and study right before your exam date. This means, don’t study the night before you take the NCLEX or in the car before you walk into the exam. Listen, you got this!! You’ve graduated nursing school and you’ve studied. So, give yourself 2-3 days before the exam to relax. If you like yoga, spend those days doing yoga. If you like camping, go on a short camping trip. If you like binge-watching Netflix, do that! This your time to decompress and mentally prepare yourself for the exam.

GOOD LUCK ON YOUR NCLEX. You got this!!!



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