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    As a gay male and nurse, I believe it’s important for nurses to understand these terms in order to properly care for the LGBTQ population. […] More

  • Top 3 Nurse Blake Memes

    Seriously, DO NOT INTERRUPT MY SLEEP! LOL! Trying to sleep after a long night shift is already difficult without all the distractions from lawn movers, […] More

  • Every Nurse Should Have This One Item

    How are nurses supposed to standout in interviews against other candidates? How should nurses keep track of all their accomplishments?  It’s simple: A Portfolio Many […] More

  • Tips For A Successful Nursing Interview

    I’ve worked in healthcare since I was 17 years old. I worked as a transporter, surgical assistant, patient care tech, and nurse. I’ve interviewed for […] More

  • Introducing the SCRUB ROMPER!

    Introducing the latest fashion trend for nurses: The Scrub Romper. The healthcare onesie is finally here!  Healthcare is changing… so should the scrubs. The Scrub […] More

  • The Book Every Nurse Should Read

    Notes on Nursing was written by Florence Nightingale and published in 1859. Written by Florence Nightingale, Notes on Nursing is not only necessary for all […] More