10 Things To Know When Dating A Nurse

1- We like sleep

Besides being awesome at saving lives, we are also awesome at sleeping!  Most people like diamonds, we like sleep. When our eyes are closed, please don’t speak to us or make any noise.  It’s important to know that our naps can last anywhere from 10 minutes – 18 hours. So, be patient and let us do our thing.

2- We work weekends and holidays

Date night will probably have to take place during the week, sorry. Our schedules can be crazy and will require us to work some weekends AND holidays. Even though we may not be spending time together on the exact holiday, we’ll definitely still celebrate. On the plus side, working weekends and holidays means we get EXTRA PAY!!!

3- We need time to decompress after work

Our shifts are long and can be very draining but we love the work we do. When we come home just bare with us until we are able to shower, eat, and unwind. Even though you may want a hug right when we get home, you don’t. Between code browns and contact rooms, let us shower and change first.

4- We share crazy and graphic stories

You will learn a WHOLE NEW WORLD from the stories we share. And no, we aren’t adding extra information just to be dramatic. Seriously, we can’t make this stuff up. We will share stories whenever they pop-up in our minds which is typically at the most inappropriate times, like dinner.

5- Caffeine is our friend

Wanna make us happy?! Surprise us with our favorite caffeinated beverage before our shift. Nursing shifts are long, 12-hours at the minimum so having our beverage of choice ready for us when we walk out the door will make our day!

6- All we talk about is nursing

Trust us, we know. But, talking about nursing is in our comfort zone and no matter what the topic, we can probably tie it back to nursing. We will probably talk about nursing while we’re eating brunch, grocery shopping, Nordstrom Rack shopping, Target shopping, waking up, going to bed, etc. You get the idea.

7- SNACKS! We like SNACKS!

Even though we are required to clock-out for a 30-minute lunch, doesn’t mean we actually get a 30-minute lunch. So, snacks help get us through our day. Since we eat snacks at work, we’ll probably also eat the same amount at home. Just to name a few: Oreos, Doritos, Chips Ahoy, Cheetos, Pringles, Skittles, Chex Mix, Popcorn…I can keep going.

8-  We may work longer than 12-hours

Just because our shift is from 7-7 doesn’t mean we’ll be home by 7:30. Many times we arrive to work early and stay late. We won’t leave work until all our patients are settled and safely handed off to the next shift.

9- We love what we do

WE LOVE NURSING! It’s what we’ve always wanted to do and we take pride in our work and profession. Our jobs are challenging and demanding but more important, they are rewarding.

10- We are caring

You probably already know this, nurses don’t enter the profession for the money. We became nurses because we care. We care about the people around us and the community we serve. And, we care about you!!!




  1. Hi Blake. I love your posts.I am not a nurse,but know many of them. I was a trained First Aider with Red Cross for 7 years,until recently . I also performed First Aid on cycling events for 8 years. I now volunteer at my local University Hospital in Geelong, Victoria, Australia…..I love talking to all the patients on ‘my’ ward, and also being among Medical staff.Keep up the great work,Blake.Regards,Helen

  2. My bride is an rn. I had an RN come over from the health care today. She answered many of the questions with or for me. They’ll be coming over to help me shower and help me with some, PT and be helping me with some swallowing problems I’ve been having.
    I’m a happy man.

  3. Yes, yes & yes.
    You did a great job of describing a profession of love and ongoing learning.
    Graduated from diploma school in 1965 > BSN> MSN> FNP.

    Although now retired, I still read multiple nursing periodicals a month and attend professional meetings.

  4. You Kimberly are just like that. It reminds me of my Mom and how she had compassion for what she did. Also many of the afformentiond characteristics. I’m sure you love what you do.

    Uncle Jerry

  5. I know my girlfriend it’s really awesome …you nailed it with the 5 comments you did … Maybe I’m a little selfish about the sex thing, I really miss that ! I’m a construction worker I work really hard too, but I have to said it nursing it’s really stressing job .

  6. yep! relatable.. my last relationship were confused with my work schedule since im working with 3shift… 😝

  7. I remember these so well even though I am happily retired from nursing. My brain still works the lopsided way it did then. I would eat whatever was available on the run. We supported each other in ways you would not find in any other setting and we saved lives, healed wounds both physical and mental. That’s what we did and I am proud to be a retired nurse!

  8. Hey Blake,
    Just wanted to give you a huge thumbs up. I’m a nursing professor and your posts not only make my students laugh but make me laugh too. Guess what we all need more of when we’re trying to survive nursing school? Laughter! Because, while this is the greatest profession in the world, you’ve got to find the humor in it to survive and navigate. Keep up the good work. You get an A+🙂

  9. You guys only think you have a tough demanding and important job…
    no no no! My friends you have it made in the shade.
    We work in all weather conditions, stupid hot, dehydrat in minutes..tight cramped spaces, being over weight not an option.. sub zero you’re there doing your best for mankind.
    And lunch, nearly forgot lunch. Why? how could I forget lunch. Because we don’t get lunch until we’re finished the job 12hr 18hr + and the public we serve is safe and have the basic necessities for life..clean potable water. Yes we’re the unsung heroes PLUMBERS!

  10. Not everyone gets lunch and/or breaks….. and in OB poop is the least of the things on our scrubs… But otherwise spot on.

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